3 Delightful Poems That Talk About Gambling

Many have read the poem Gambler by Dostoyevsky. It is interesting to see that some connection between gambling and poetry has always existed. Many of the novels and poems have been inspired by gambling. You might’ve come across many instances where gambling was used as a metaphor for life. There are times when a writer takes you straight to the casino table. 

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You might’ve heard many sad stories on gambling addiction. It might break your heart to hear about people who gambled and lost all their wealth, landing in poverty. On the other hand, there are stories of people winning big by gambling. Here are a few poems that reflect certain aspects of gambling:

1. Roulette

Many of the poems have a happy ending. One such poem about gambling comes from the British-Canadian poet Robert William Service. However, in the beginning, the poem paints a dark picture. The protagonist fears that she’ll lose all her money and is pretty tense. 

She decides to bet all the thousand francs that she’s got and wait with a prayer on her lips. She has made up her mind that if she loses, she’ll commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills. All of a sudden, she is awakened from her trance by the kind folks around her. 

They say that the red one which she wagered all her money has come ten times. They advise her not to risk another chance and leave with her half a million francs. She decides she’ll never again play that game and thanks to God for her luck.

2. No Fruit Machine Will Get the Better of Me

This poem by Wayne Leon Learmond talks about the sights and sounds of what seems like a slot machine. He describes how he is drawn towards the fruit-themed slot machine. Whenever he wins a jackpot, he yells and screams in delight. As he spends his money on the slot, he feels the adrenaline rush within him. 

The flashing lights, the colours, and the sounds always seem to attract him. He goes on to say that he never panics when the money gets tight. He speaks highly of his willpower by concluding that no fruit machine will get the better of him.

3. The Gambler

In this poem, L.G. Mace talks about the environment that inspires gambling. She is a member of the Academy of American Poets and has been writing poetry all these years. The poem begins with a vivid description of the good old days of the Wild Wild West. It talks about men gathering in saloons, drinking whisky and playing cards. 

She then talks about a gambler who played poker all through the night. The poem says how people in the saloon gather around his table. All of them share the suspense and the excitement of the game. It is later revealed that there has been foul play. The poem ends with a moral that if your intention is to cheat, you better not play.

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