3 Delightful Poems That Talk About Gambling

Many have read the poem Gambler by Dostoyevsky. It is interesting to see that some connection between gambling and poetry has always existed. Many of the novels and poems have been inspired by gambling. You might’ve come across many instances where gambling was used as a metaphor for life. There are times when a writer … Read more

The Response of Human Brain to Poetry

There’s certainly something great about reading or hearing a wonderful poem. It stimulates our minds and makes us look at our world from a new angle. Whether it’s Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson or Caged Bird by Maya Angelou, poetry produces some profound effects.  While you might think that it’s something magical, neuroscience offers a … Read more

Top 3 Poets Who Gained Popularity Through Instagram

People tend to blame today’s digital revolution for the demise of the traditional forms of art. They say that the span of attention has reduced to a great extent. It is also said that music, painting, and literature may perish. One certainly wonders how these things would survive amid this era of information overload.  There … Read more

4 Popular Poems That Appeared in Movies

Movies have relied on some great works of literature for inspiration for decades. Films that are literary adaptations have achieved great popularity, but poetry has been untapped to a great extent. There are movies such as Gothic and Bright Star that were centred on popular poets.  There are some great movies on poems as well. … Read more

6 Interesting Facts About the Most Famous Poets

Whenever we talk about poets, we often imagine individuals with a certain degree of sophistication and austerities. However, the lives of some of the greatest poets of this world abound with eccentricities. In some cases, these very eccentric attitudes helped the poets come up with their masterpieces. Here, we’ve listed the interesting facts about the … Read more

The 3 Greatest Qualities of Every Poet

Sometimes you might wonder whether the authors of poems possess the same personality traits. The traits of an author’s personality can be understood with a glimpse into the writing habits of famous poets. Writing poetry is not a natural personality trait of successful poets and nor is it a God-given talent. Eccentricity, curiosity, and creativity … Read more

5 Essential Characteristics of Poetry

There are certain rules that must be followed while writing poetry. It is a subjective form of art, which gives authors the freedom to express their feelings in many ways. Some are traditional, while a few others are innovative and modern. Poems don’t need to rhyme and they don’t have to follow any particular style … Read more

4 Most Popular Types of Poems

Poetry can be quite intimidating. When you read some of the classic poems, you’ll find them a bit difficult to read. If you’re planning to write a poem, you may even find it scary. At times, you might’ve been told that you’ve misunderstood the poems you were taught in your English class. If you’ve attempted … Read more

7 Greatest Poets Who Influenced the World

The globally renowned poet, Robert Frost, had once said something simple but profound about a poem. He said that a poem must reach the eye, the ear, and the heart or mind. However, he added that the most important of all is that the poem must reach the reader’s heart.  Poetry can be highly subjective … Read more