The 3 Greatest Qualities of Every Poet

Sometimes you might wonder whether the authors of poems possess the same personality traits. The traits of an author’s personality can be understood with a glimpse into the writing habits of famous poets. Writing poetry is not a natural personality trait of successful poets and nor is it a God-given talent. Eccentricity, curiosity, and creativity can perhaps be the natural personality traits of published poets.

However, the ability to write poetry is certainly not a personality trait. The famous poets may be more eccentric and creative, but writing poetry is a learned skill. Of course, it can’t be denied that some poets do have personality traits that help them write better poems. It’s more like certain people who have a natural talent for physics, horticulture, singing, and dancing. 

You may have natural strengths and abilities that feed a certain passion or skill. You can also have the ability to improve on whatever natural talent you possess. If you feel you’re not a natural poet, but want to write good poems, then you can definitely learn. If you practice the basics and keep moving forward, you will certainly improve your skills. 

You’ll see that whether or not you have the personality traits of a poet would become less important. All that would really matter is your ability to retain the childlike awe and wonder and keep writing. Now let’s see what the three greatest qualities of every poet are:

1. A knack for rhythm and pattern

Writers and poets can see patterns not only in their writing but in life as well. A poet sees rhythm and patterns in all the lines and verses of a poem. In fact, it may seem to him or her that every word has a certain rhyme and rhythm. The essence of pattern and rhythm is a poet’s personality. 

A verse or poem that lacks pattern is utter chaos. ‘Batching’ is the term used by productivity experts to describe this. For a blogger, this would mean collecting a dozen images at once.

2. Protective of their time

It’s quite interesting to see that the most successful published poets are not ‘people pleasers’. They certainly know how to say ‘no’. Successful poets know how to close their doors so that they can work in peace. They’re extremely good at prioritizing their writing and avoiding distractions. Most of the published writers and poets simplify their lives to make more time to write. 

This means saying ‘no’ to family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and strangers. Some people don’t understand the need to set boundaries. Such people don’t really possess the personality traits and passion required for writing poems.

3. Motivated from within

Almost all successful poets have much-needed inspiration and internal motivation. They write for themselves and can do that for hours without the greed for material gains. They’re driven mostly by their own experiences. Such poets are the ones who wish to share their insights to help readers live fulfilling lives. Internal motivation is one of the key personality traits of all the successful individuals in the world. 

This simply means that if you do something out of your own internal motivation, you’re more likely to achieve success. You’ll certainly lose your drive if you’re trying to chase certain trends or please others. This would eventually lead to failure.

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