The Response of Human Brain to Poetry

There’s certainly something great about reading or hearing a wonderful poem. It stimulates our minds and makes us look at our world from a new angle. Whether it’s Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson or Caged Bird by Maya Angelou, poetry produces some profound effects.  While you might think that it’s something magical, neuroscience offers a … Read more

5 Essential Characteristics of Poetry

There are certain rules that must be followed while writing poetry. It is a subjective form of art, which gives authors the freedom to express their feelings in many ways. Some are traditional, while a few others are innovative and modern. Poems don’t need to rhyme and they don’t have to follow any particular style … Read more

4 Most Popular Types of Poems

Poetry can be quite intimidating. When you read some of the classic poems, you’ll find them a bit difficult to read. If you’re planning to write a poem, you may even find it scary. At times, you might’ve been told that you’ve misunderstood the poems you were taught in your English class. If you’ve attempted … Read more